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Technical equipment

In MW-DIAS, a.s. we still monitor the development trends and invest in modern technical equipment. We dispose of large technical equipment corresponding to all needs of our clients.  

We operate our own service centre. We perform smaller repairs of washing machines and other equipment directly at the client, in case of larger event in our service centre. The defective equipment is replaced by another one for the repair period.

  • we dispose of more than 100 washing automatic machines of various sizes (with working bar scope from 50 to 130 cm) and drive and operation types. 
  • we are ready to immediately respond to any need to clean large surface by transferring of washing automatic machines to any place within the Czech Republic. 
  • we use a large scope of water and back vacuum cleaners as well as of single-disk washing machines.
  • the cleaning personnel is by default equipped with vacuum cleaners, cleaning carts, products and aids of reputed producers in order to provide daily cleaning jobs.
  • the sufficient equipment with tractors, mini-tractors, cutters and brush cutters and other devices enables us to ensure services of outside cleaning services.
  • we dispose of large number of special cleaning machines and devices for performance of any special cleaning services.

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