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Medical sector

Over the years we have become the leader in the cleaning sector of medical institutions and hospitals in the Czech Republic. We provide the regular cleaning in more than 30 hospitals, including faculty hospitals, specialised medical institutions and institutions providing a social care. 

  • Regular daily cleaning of hospitals a and institutions providing he social care
  • Regular daily cleaning of corridors, common areas a lavatories
  • Provision of permanent services in surgery and emergency rooms
  • Regular cleaning of specialised hospital departments (surgery rooms, sterilisation, intensive care unit, children department etc.)
  • Regular cleaning of extreme clean and sterile premises
  • Regular cleaning of laboratories and blood centres
  • Cooperation and consultancy in preparation and setting of hygienic plans
  • Successful cooperation in many accreditations of medical institutions
  • Impregnation of floor coverings with products resistant to disinfectants
  • Supplies and filing of disinfectant and sanitary products
  • Special cleaning operations pursuant to client´s requirements

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