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Special cleaning services

Special cleaning services

The industrial surfaces include very various types of cleaned premises with high demand on cleanliness keeping. It is necessary to continuously clean the premises in which the high volume of impurities occurs. We are able to provide our client with cleaning of hardly accessible places and cleaning of demanding places and premises.

  • Cleaning of      windows, glassed surfaces, skylights, including operation at heights (climbing and platform techniques)
  • Cleaning and washing of facades, outside surfaces of production halls and other premises
  • Maintenance and protection of floors with polymer and polyurethane dispersions, including the deep pre-cleaning
  • Cleaning of air conditioning
  • Dust removal from production halls and structures, technological and production ensembles
  • Cleaning and degreasing of technological ensembles
  • Cleaning of chemical production premises
  • Cleaning of premises polluted with wood “chips”, sawdust, graphite, coal dust, etc.
  • Cleaning of public transport vehicles
  • Cleaning of lift wells
  • Cleaning of vertical blinds using ultrasound method
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture in dry as well as wet way

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