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Thanks to our long-term experience we have become specialists in cleaning services performance under severe conditions of industrial plants. We regularly provide the cleaning for approx. 200 clients from the sector of industrial production, including the cleaning of production automotive plants, paint shops and heavy-load plants.


  • Regular cleaning of production halls, logistic and storage premises
  • Regular cleaning of common areas, cloak rooms, lavatories that are part of production halls, etc.
  • Machine cleaning of production halls and premises
  • Cleaning of production lines, conveyor and hall structures
  • Technical cleaning of paint shops and painting lines
  • Regular cleaning of extreme clean/sterile premises (development centres, assembly lines of automobiles, etc.)
  • Cleaning and degreasing of industrial floors
  • Supplies and filling of sanitary and hygienic products
  • Special cleaning services pursuant to client´s requests (cleaning of outside areas, snow removal, etc.)


The industrial areas and production plants include also administrative buildings and other office premises. Within our complex cleaning services we provide our clients from the industrial sector also with cleaning of administrative buildings and offices.

  • Regular daily cleaning of office buildings
  • Regular daily cleaning of corridors, common areas and lavatories 
  • Complete daily service
  • Windows cleaning and cleaning of other glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of carpets, furniture, blinds
  • Machine washing and cleaning of floors
  • Restoration and impregnation of all floor covering types
  • Supplies and filling of sanitary products


Within the cleaning of industrial premises we also provide cleaning of outside areas, greenery maintenance and snow removal, this all in areas of several ten thousand of m2. We also ensure the isecurity guard of premises and property.

  • Cleaning of outside surfaces and roads
  • Maintenance of greenery and growth, grass mowing
  • Service of garden architecture
  • Winter maintenance of outside surfaces, snow removal and road gritting
  • Security guard of buildings and property

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