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Medical sector

  • Hospitals
  • Medical institutions
  • Social care

Over the years we have become the leader in the cleaning sector of medical institutions and hospitals in the Czech Republic. We provide the regular cleaning in more than 30 hospitals, including faculty hospitals, specialised medical institutions and institutions providing a social care. 

  • Regular daily cleaning of hospitals a and institutions providing he social care
  • Regular daily cleaning of corridors, common areas a lavatories
  • Provision of permanent services in surgery and emergency rooms
  • Regular cleaning of specialised hospital departments (surgery rooms, sterilisation, intensive care unit, children department etc.)
  • Regular cleaning of extreme clean and sterile premises
  • Regular cleaning of laboratories and blood centres
  • Cooperation and consultancy in preparation and setting of hygienic plans
  • Successful cooperation in many accreditations of medical institutions
  • Impregnation of floor coverings with products resistant to disinfectants
  • Supplies and filing of disinfectant and sanitary products
  • Special cleaning operations pursuant to client´s requirements


  • Production halls
  • storages
  • outside areas
  • offices

Thanks to our long-term experience we have become specialists in cleaning services performance under severe conditions of industrial plants. We regularly provide the cleaning for approx. 200 clients from the sector of industrial production, including the cleaning of production automotive plants, paint shops and heavy-load plants.


  • Regular cleaning of production halls, logistic and storage premises
  • Regular cleaning of common areas, cloak rooms, lavatories that are part of production halls, etc.
  • Machine cleaning of production halls and premises
  • Cleaning of production lines, conveyor and hall structures
  • Technical cleaning of paint shops and painting lines
  • Regular cleaning of extreme clean/sterile premises (development centres, assembly lines of automobiles, etc.)
  • Cleaning and degreasing of industrial floors
  • Supplies and filling of sanitary and hygienic products
  • Special cleaning services pursuant to client´s requests (cleaning of outside areas, snow removal, etc.)


The industrial areas and production plants include also administrative buildings and other office premises. Within our complex cleaning services we provide our clients from the industrial sector also with cleaning of administrative buildings and offices.

  • Regular daily cleaning of office buildings
  • Regular daily cleaning of corridors, common areas and lavatories 
  • Complete daily service
  • Windows cleaning and cleaning of other glass surfaces
  • Cleaning of carpets, furniture, blinds
  • Machine washing and cleaning of floors
  • Restoration and impregnation of all floor covering types
  • Supplies and filling of sanitary products


Within the cleaning of industrial premises we also provide cleaning of outside areas, greenery maintenance and snow removal, this all in areas of several ten thousand of m2. We also ensure the isecurity guard of premises and property.

  • Cleaning of outside surfaces and roads
  • Maintenance of greenery and growth, grass mowing
  • Service of garden architecture
  • Winter maintenance of outside surfaces, snow removal and road gritting
  • Security guard of buildings and property

Paint shops

  • Automotive


Analyses, consultancy services

  • Determination of dirt sources and their analysis
  • Assistance in determination of wrong air flow causes (air balance)
  • Measurement of dustiness in painting cabin, determination of origin and composition of particles (based on defined categories)
  • Chemical and physical analyses of substances (measurement of water quality, etc.) – at request, using the sub-contractors
  • Qualitative and quantitative identification of industrial impurities (from source determination to the subsequent removal, proposal of future measures, solutions)
  • Photo      documentation – sources of dirt, types of dirt (as necessary, before or after the performance, long-term archiving)
  • Preparation of technological processes for cleaning of paint shop technology (custom-made project for a client) and proposal of cleaning frequency
  • Training       of paint shop staff

Cleaning services and cleaning

  • Cleaning of chemical pre-treatments, spraying and drying chambers
  • Cleaning of air conditioning, paint mixing shops, sewerage plants
  • Protection of paint and drying chambers from paint overspray using the application of peelable coatings and protective foils
  • Application of electrostatically active materials
  • Installation of elastic covers to protect painting robots surface
  • Installation of mats with adhesive surface
  • Cleaning      at heights of hardly accessible places

Filter management

  • Proposal of suitable filter selection pursuant to performed analyses (extra)
  • Regular supplies and professional replacement of filtration material 
  • Measurement and monitoring      of filtration material lifetime (deduction of pressure losses)

Materials and protective aids for paint shops

  • Separation solutions and peelable paints, diluents and solvents, greases, foils, adhesive tapes, clothes, overalls, cloaks and shoes covers, gloves, respirators and filters of semi-masks, covers (for robots, hoses, pistols), mats
  • Before the order starts to be performed, the client receives the list of materials, including samples, and technical sheets of materials

Technology of paint removal (in form of sub-contract, or paint removal using the technology of client)

  • Cleaning      with high pressure water jet (from 200 to 2000 bars) – namely for depositions of cured or fresh paint from paint shop grids or suspension constructions
  • Removal of paint depositions (paint removal) from suspension constructions, skids and grids using the thermic or fluid method
  • Chemical paint removal technologies – paint removal using alkaline, acid or organic substances
  • Ultrasound      paint removal – fine parts

Technical cleaning

  • Production halls
  • Production lines
  • Storages
  • Outside areas

We use a large technical equipment that includes also the large number of special cleaning machines and devices thanks to which we are also able to ensure special cleaning services and works for our clients.

  • Machine cleaning of production, logistic and storage areas and premises
  • Deep cleaning and protection of floors with polymer and polyurethane dispersions
  • Refining of surfaces with nanotechnologies
  • Cleaning of paint shops and painting lines
  • Vapour cleaning using the dry vapour method
  • Dry ice jetting
  • Cleaning using the demineralized water method
  • Degreasing of technologies and cleaning of sensitive devices
  • Dust removal  from production halls, technologic or production ensembles
  • Works at heights
  • And many others

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