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Facultative compensation

Facultative compensation

The facultative compensation is one of ways how the larger companies can fulfil their legal obligation to employ persons with disabilities. The facultative compensation relates to those employees who have more than 25 employees. The law imposes them to employ persons with disabilities (OZP) at obligatory rate 4% of total employees’ number. The legislation related to the employment of disabled persons is ruled by the Act on employment No. 435/2004 Coll., § 81.

There are three ways how to fulfil the obligatory level pursuant to the law:

  • Employment of persons with disabilities
  • Application of facultative compensation
  • Payment of fee to the national budget

The activity character does not allow to all employees to offer such job positions and thus they need to ensure the payment of the so-called disability tax to the national budget or, more advantageously, they can use the facultative compensation, purchase services or products from guaranteed employers who employ more than 50 % employees with disabilities, or to pass orders to these employers.

For the purpose of above stated obligation fulfilment you can use services of our daughter company IVACOM spol. s r.o. that ensures employment of persons with disabilities at the rate over 50 %. 

The cleaning company IVACOM spol. s r.o. fulfils all terms given by the legislation to provide the facultative compensation and is able to contractually agree to guarantee the sum of your annual purchase for the facultative compensation purposes. www.ivacom.cz

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